Socso Sibu pays out over RM5 million in benefits to workers

By The Borneo Post - on 05-03-2017
“To date, there are 18,021 employers registered (with Socso Sibu) with 91,806 active employees,” Tan told The Borneo Post when contacted on Friday. He revealed that Socso Sibu acted on 17 cases of non-compliance by employers last year with compounds  ...

唐荣国:公会难管制 熟食饮料酝酿涨价

By See Hua Online - on 13-02-2017
牵一发动全身!随着天然气和燃料涨价,多间咖啡店的熟食和饮料在新年期间已经酝酿一股涨价潮,消费者大喊吃不消!诗巫咖啡酒餐商公会主席唐荣国受访时称,一些咖啡店餐饮酝酿涨价潮恐非空穴来风,其近日来的确从同业口中得知此事,为不抵触竞争法令,公会不能牵涉于价格管制,唯恐在竞争的过程中会出现冲突。 ...

Many firms yet to tap into Asean ICT market

By The Star Online - on 06-02-2017
PETALING JAYA: According to a study commissioned by the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) and conducted by the International Data Corp (IDC), the Asean ICT Market is estimated to be worth US$48bil (about RM198.7bil) by 2019. However, many ...

'Public must be told who really own companies'

By Free Malaysia Today - on 10-01-2017
PETALING JAYA: Transparency International Malaysia (TI-M) has urged the government to introduce a law to compel companies to publicly disclose the identities of ultimate owners of companies. Speaking to FMT, TI-M president Akhbar Satar noted that last  ...

Seasonal fruit vendors happy with trading site in front of Sibu Central Market

By The Borneo Post - on 03-01-2017
SIBU: The seasonal fruit vendors coming from outside this division have commended Sibu Municipal Council (SMC)'s for allowing them to trade at the open space in front of central market here. A young vendor known only as Jang, 24, from Nanga Musah in  ...

馬幣兌美金狂瀉 中國柑桔漲價30%

By The Edge Markets MY - on 27-12-2016
诗巫巴士总站永胜超级市场经理江顺文表示,因为目前1美金兑换四块多马币,马币兑美金狂泻贬值,所以中国进口的桔子及柑等,将会因为以美金进货的缘故而涨价30%,而新春的年货也会起价5至15%。 虽然农历新年再过一个多月就要来临了,加上目前正处于圣诞节及2017元旦新年的交汇期,但是从整个市场的景况来看,马币兑美金的重挫,国内经济不景气的影响,的确已经发生不乐观的骨牌效应。 ...
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