UPP and SUPP: A brief history of squabbling Chinese 'brothers'

By Free Malaysia Today - 2 weeks ago
He said BN “lost quite badly” in six Chinese-majority parliamentary seats – Kuching, Pending, Sibu, Lanang, Sarikei and Miri. All the PKR's Dr Michael Teo Yu Keng won the seat in 2013 defeating SUPP's Sebastian Ting who was Chin's political secretary. ...

Ugak suggests SDNU should have its own premises

By The Borneo Post - 3 weeks, 3 days ago
SIBU: Sarawak Dayak National Union (SDNU) should have its own premises as its headquarters to ensure efficiency in its administration. Hulu Rajang MP Datuk Wilson Ugak Kumbong suggested this at the Pre-Gawai and 8th anniversary celebration of  ...


By 诗华资讯 - on 07-04-2017
(本报诗巫7日讯)“任何惠及低收入群体,尤其小贩同胞的政策和措施,须以公平、合理、透明化的方式进行,并以常理心考量大众的需要,排除背后蕴藏着私人的隐  ...

'S'wak must vote against Act 355'

By The Borneo Post - on 25-03-2017
and multiracial harmony reflecting unity-in- diversity, where we are able to eat together at the same table with different cultural culinary dishes – a practice that the peninsula is not used to, especially in Kelantan, except perhaps, for PAS once ...

Sarawakians becoming concerned about Act 355

By Malaysiakini (subscription) - on 24-03-2017
The four are Kuching Bandar MP Chong Chieng Jen, Lanang MP Alice Lau, Sibu MP Oscar Ling and Julau MP Joseph Salang Gandum. “We are unsettled by the deafening silence from the rest of the MPs whom we Umno politics may not be able to penetrate into ...

黄祈耀:为诗巫好. 希望联民人联和解

By 星洲网 Sin Chew Daily (新闻发布) (注册) - on 11-03-2017
(诗巫11日讯)联民党诗巫社区发展服务委员会主席拿督黄祈耀期盼联民党能与人联党和解,尤其是为了诗巫好。 他说,有关两党和解方案,有人认为联民党应该回归人  ...
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