Site Visit to Sessang and Sibu, Sarawak for the Study of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Management in Peatland

By Nahrim - on 11-07-2012
On the 10th and 11th July, 2012, NAHRIM officers had arranged a trip to Sibu and Sessang, Sarawak to observe the proposed field sites for the Study of Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Water Management in peatland areas. A total of eight officers led by the Director of Research Centre for ...

SMC has ventured beyond its traditional roles

By The Borneo Post - on 08-07-2012
The Sibu Municipal Council has ventured beyond its traditional roles of enhancing its municipal responsibilities by promoting the town to become a tourism destination. Its chairman Datuk Tiong Thai King said they had made it a point that each year they would organise a few remarkable tourism events ...


By Chine News - on 03-07-2012
中新网7月4日电 据美国《侨报》报道,都说世界上有海水的地方就有福州人,而位于福州闽江入海口的长乐、马尾、连江一带则有众多乡亲旅居美国。枕山面海、濒江临海的地理环境为当地人提供了远涉重洋的条件,江海文化的交融汇合,为当地人提供了开放开拓的人文精神。   移民美国的福州人,虽然各自都有说不完的酸甜苦辣的故事,但移民美国的福州人,最魂牵梦绕的终是海那边的家。   初夏时节,《侨报》特派记者远涉重洋,实地走访福州侨乡。   跳船人成东百老汇主人 悠久的海外移民史   长乐月亮湾,面向大海的闽江口,一座郑和石雕像临江矗立,海风轻拂,衣袂飘飘。   1405年,郑和首次下西洋,就是在这里扬帆启 ...

Committed to the care of disabled children

By The Borneo Post - on 07-06-2012
National Early Childhood Intervention Conference will begin today (Thursday) at Kingwood Hotel at 5pm in a ceremony graced by Welfare, Women and Family Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah. In what is seen as one of the grandest conferences, the event will get together 734 participants natio ...

Sibu starts heritage trail

By NST - on 05-06-2012
NEW TOURISM PACKAGE: It features nine historical destinations within walking distance. A NEW tourism package,  known as the Sibu Heritage Trail, is in the pipeline for the town, said  chairman of  Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) Datuk Tiong Thai King. With the Heritage Trail, tourists ...


By China News - on 03-06-2012
 马来西亚常青集团(RHGroup)创立于1975年5月,是一个业务多元化、在国际上极负盛名的国际跨国企业集团,是“世界500强”企业之一。     本报马来西亚诗巫讯 6月16日,正在马来西亚访问的市委书记、市人大常委会主任张晓钦,副市长李杏率钦州代表团专程赴砂拉越州拉让江畔的诗巫市,拜访中马钦州产业园区的合作伙伴常青集团执行主席丹斯里张晓卿爵士,考察常青集团总部以及集团旗下的棕榈产业。张晓卿爵士率员工盛情迎接代表团,充分表达了当地华人的深情厚意和常青集团与中马钦州产业园区的合作诚意。   &n ...
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