Will Sibu Folk Rock the Boat?

By KL-Today - on 10-05-2010
Being a Foochow matters in Sibu. The conversation among the older Chinese generation is almost 100% in that language, never mind whether the group comprises of Hokkien, Henghua and the countable Cantonese there. In the old days, one needs to speak Foochow to survive. Even a Melanau then who lived i ...

Re-building Lau’s Sibu

By Free Malaysia Today - on 09-05-2010
Barisan Nasional candidate for the Sibu by-election  Robert Lau Hui Yew is a man with a  vision. He aspires to rekindle Sibu’s inherent strengths and turn the constituency into a vibrant economic hub, complete with a network of downstream activities that would lure her children back. ...

Sojourn in Sibu

By The Star - on 09-05-2010
The upcoming by-election for the Sibu parliamentary seat has placed this thriving town on the Rajang, Malaysia’s longest river, onto the national spotlight. IF you look at Sibu town from the air, you will see a modern urban landscape of well laid-out buildings with a good network of roads. Te ...

Shadow of Bakun looms over Sibu

By MalaysiaKini - on 05-05-2010
“In our struggle, we need to be united. Even though we are far from each other, we’re still in Sarawak I hope we, the indigenous peoples, can stand united in dealing with our problems. Even if we meet in prison, we will have to fight this together,” said Gara Jalong, ...

Sibu at Crossroads

By MySinchew - on 03-05-2010
I have visited Sibu on two occasions, and have unforgettable memories of this rustic town teeming with Fuzhou characters on the banks of Rejang. Residents living on the banks of a large river tend to sport an unrestrained disposition. The ups and downs of Rejang's water levels reflect similar ...


By 何俐萍 - on 09-04-2010
是濃郁的鄉土氣息,讓分布五湖四海的游子,踩著輕快、愉悅的腳步,往家鄉奔去。 是家的呼喚,在春風吹拂的當兒,像被一塊磁鐵緊緊吸住,個個歸心似箭。 游子歸鄉,熱絡了市場,車水馬龍的景象彷是繁華的寫照,惟游子們心中最明白,那不過是美好的假象。 當春來又春去,亦是人來人又走的時刻。留不住人啊! 登上百年歷史的永安亭,塔上眺望,在雨來深處流淌?的全馬最長的拉讓江,清澈已不再。在發展的名堂下,游子魂縈夢繫的母親河,被強行換了面貌。是喜抑該悲? 濤濤江水,一片濁黃,我的母親河,究竟是誰讓你變了色? 俯瞰周遭,建築物櫛比鱗次,看似蓬勃發展的象徵,但又隱藏?留不住拉讓江兒女的悲涼與諷刺。 " ...
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