In Tribute to Rev James M. Hoover

By BHD - on 01-09-2009
If ever there was a town in Malaysia that can claim to be founded by Christians and contributed greatly to its early development that town is Sibu in Sarawak. The Star Saturday Metro of 16 August 2009 ran a feature on the part played especially by American Methodist missionary Rev James ...

RM20m Masland Methodist Church Complex set to open in Sibu

By The Star - on 15-08-2009
SIBU: This town is not done with honouring its much loved and revered missionary, the Rev James Matthew Hoover. It already has a park dedicated to his memory, but tomorrow, Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud will declare open the impressive RM20mil Masland Methodist Church Complex, al ...

诗巫空气全国最糟 公众外出应戴口罩

By - on 10-08-2009
诗巫空气污染指数持续上升,至今日中午,空气污染指数已达198点。这是诗巫近日来最高的空气污染指数,公众外出受促戴口罩,以策健康。 砂州环境与公共卫生部长拿督斯里黄顺舸今日透露,砂州各地都面对野火烧不尽,烟雾迷漫的困扰。 今早7时,古晋空气污染指数96点、诗巫180点、民都鲁87点、美里点142点、泗里街76点、林梦65点、三马拉汉120点、斯里阿曼92点、加帛74点。 诗巫方面,因为各处野火燎原,空气污染指数再攀高。截至今午,诗巫空气污染指数攀至198点。这是诗巫近日来最高的指数。本月5日,诗巫以166的空气污染指数高踞全国之首。 空气污染之后稍有改善。昨日由于本地和沐胶野火蔓延,导致 ...

Sibu, As I See It

By Eastern Prism - on 13-06-2009
Today is exactly my first year in Sibu. When I first arrived, little I knew about this place. Let alone what to and not to expect. Now, I can draw a map of Sibu and name the streets. It is a different experience here in Sibu considering me coming from ...

Hii Tiong Huat & Flooding Woes In Sibu

By Tonyhii - on 24-07-2008
Some Sibuians say he is bizarre, while others jeer at him, calling him a nut. This person is Hii Tiong Huat, a stout senior citizen. But Tiong Huat is sensible and logical in thinking, not at all crazy like what the public at large view him. Tiong Huat is outspoken on flooding ...


By Popo - on 05-06-2008
张仕国籍福建省闽清县白中镇白汀村,1942年,出生在马来西亚诗巫市一个鱼贩之家。他14岁辍学跟父亲学习做生意,一年后接手管理父亲的小鱼档,后转做鲜鱼批发,1969年CCK集团成立, CCK集团主要业务分6大类,即海产养殖业、食品加工业、贸易、代理、建筑业及造船业。2001年马来西亚最高元首授予他拿督称号,并提升为国会议员;2004年他被当选为第八届世界福州十邑同乡总会会长,宣传“新福州”精神,将福州推向世界。 入选理由:弘扬“新福州”精神 他在短时间里就完成了从一个毫不起眼的小鱼贩迅速成为海产批发商的一系列角色的转换过程;他时时发扬光大&ld ...
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